Q1: What happens when I buy tickets from your website?

A: All tickets purchased for our events will be E-Tickets, they will be sent out immediately on purchase - your e-tickets are the only thing you need for entry unless stated otherwise (this may vary for VIP passes).

 You will need the QR code from your E-ticket at the entrance of the event, either printed or on an electronic device (WE ADVISE ALL CUSTOMERS TO either PRINT or SCREEN SHOT their QR code - PLEASE DO NOT under any circumstances share this QR code with anybody else - if you get to the front gate and your QR code has already been used YOUR TICKET IS THEN VOID - we WILL NOT allow entry - your QR code is an individually generated code and is ONLY sent to the email address provided, it will only scan once, so if it's been used when you arrive, it has definitely been shared and entry will be refused with NO EXCEPTIONS).  

(PLEASE ‘ALLOW IMAGES’) On a mobile device,  your QR code is located at the top of the page as shown below: 




STANDARD TICKETS DO NOT REQUIRE A WRISTBAND, BUT VIPs will be given a wristband on arrival. 

To save you queueing on the day, VIP E-Tickets can be redeemed for wristbands in advance at our ticket collection points. RUCKLEYS on Holton Rd, Barry is one of those collection points (Available until Weds 26th July). You can also redeem your tickets at Romilly Park throughout the week of the festival. More information TBC.

By redeeming your tickets in advance you will receive your wristband and be allowed access to the VIP FASTLANE; this will help skip the queues on arrival at the event. 

We are offering one day passes once again for 2024, please ensure you purchase the correct tickets as tickets are non refundable once purchased. 

When your e-tickets are sent out, PLEASE 'ALLOW IMAGES' on your email or you will not see your QR code. Screen shot this code or print out this page and bring it to the front door to be scanned at the event. 


Q2: Can my tickets be refunded if I am unable to attend on the day?

A: Please see our 'terms' at www.mackevents.co.uk for our full terms and conditions on refunds, but unfortunately if having bought tickets you find you are unable to attend, tickets are non-refundable unless you purchase the booking protect cover. The booking protect system can be used to purchase ticket protection, this will grant you a refund if you are not able to attend due to illness, accident or injury and in a number of other scenarios, find out more about booking protect here: https://bookingprotect.com/our-product/what-we-cover/


Q3: Can my children come to the event? 

Please check the age restrictions for each event. 'GlastonBARRY' and 'Skadiff' festivals are strictly 18+ events. ID may be required on arrival. GlastonBARRY Juniors is a family event but all under 18s must be accompanied by an adult. Children under 3 have free entry. 


Q4: When will the tickets be sent out?

A: Your order confirmation and email will be sent to you via email as soon as you have paid for tickets. Please contact us if you have not received your E-tickets.


Q5: Will we be able to purchase tickets on the door / gate?

A: No, tickets to all of our events are sold in advance on our website unless otherwise stated. 




Q6: Where and how do I get there? 

GlastonBARRY Tribute Festival takes place within Romilly Park, Barry. CF62 6RN. In 2024 the festival will take place on the 27th and 28th July. 

The Line 96 Bus (Cardiff Bus) runs directly form Cardiff Centre to Romilly Park, Barry. 

Barry Train Station is less than a mile away from Romilly Park, as you exit Barry Train Station ('Barry' - not 'Barry Dock' station) turn left on Broad St and walk up to the top of the hill, go past the zebra crossing and continue up the hill. Romilly Park Road is directly in front of you, follow the road around to get to Romilly Park. Train times can be found here 

If you get a taxi ask for 'Romilly Park, Barry'. A2Z Taxis are a Barry based firm and can be contacted on 01446 747555



Q7: What are the opening Times? 

Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th July 2024. Doors open at 11.00am and we finish at 9pm both days. 



Q8: What bands are playing this year?





Q9: Is there parking at the festival and will I need to pay for it?

A: There is plenty of free parking around Romilly Park and the Knap. Disabled parking is also available within the site, please contact us for more information. If you have a Blue Badge please display it to the steward on arrival at the vehicle gate and you will be directed to the disabled parking area. There are a limited number of disabled parking spaces so these will be allocated on a first come first served basis. If you wish to reserve a disabled parking space then please contact us in advance. 


Q10: Will there be security?

A: Yes. Public safety is the top priority for us. There will be police on site, a security team will be in place over the weekend and there will also be CCTV in operation at the festival. We ask for the patience and co-operation with our security of anyone coming to GlastonBARRY. No food, drink, large items of furniture or weapons of any kind will be allowed to be brought on site, this includes penknives / chains or anything else deemed unsuitable by our security team. Bags will be searched on arrival and there will be a random search policy in operation on the door.  Due to the current security climate, we ask our customers to refrain from bringing large bags to the festival. Refillable water bottles will be allowed to be brought to the festival and there is a water refill station in the site available to the public. 



Q11: Can I bring food / drink?

A: No food or drink is allowed to be brought on site, and no liquids of any kind (This includes perfumes and deodorants).  The food on offer from the festival’s traders is diverse and of the highest quality. There should be something on offer for everyone, and you haven’t experienced the festival without trying some of the cuisine on offer! We also have a large range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages available at the bar. No bottles, cans, containers, alcohol, food or large furniture may be brought into the arena. Small foldable camping chairs are allowed to be brought into the festival, but are not permitted inside the big top. Any items mentioned above found by security on arrival will be confiscated and repeat offenders may be asked to leave the festival site. Small amounts of food for customers with specific dietary requirements may be brought in but this will be at the stewards’ discretion. There will be a specific Vegan / Vegetarian stall at the festival as well as Vegan options available from some of the other food vendors at the festival. 


Q12. What is the token system on the bar? 

We operate a cash free bar, customers are asked to purchase drinks tokens at the token booth before coming to the bar. Drinks tokens are non refundable and are used to purchase drinks at the festival. We offer a wide range of drinks at the bar including lager, ale, cider, fruit cider, spirits, wines, cocktails and soft drinks. The token booth will have card machines but due to the location of the park and issues in the past with 4G signal we do encourage our customers to bring cash to the festival, this will help to avoid queues and any technical issues we may encounter.  

Full drink menus for 2024 TBC.

2023 MENUS 




Q13: Will there be any covered areas if it rains?

A: There are a number of covered areas at the festival including a 6000 capacity Big Top circus tent. 


Q14: Can I bring my dog to GlastonBARRY?

A: Unfortunately dogs are not allowed anywhere on site apart from assistance/guide dogs. This is a condition of our Public Entertainment Licence.


Q15: Will I be able to re-enter the site if I leave during the day?

A: We operate a no re-entry policy. We hope you won’t want to leave, and we try to ensure you won’t need to. In the case of an emergency please approach our front of house team at the main entrance, they will use their discretion in extreme circumstances. Please note - you may also be refused entry if you are too intoxicated on arrival at the site. 


Q16: Will there be seating? Can we take our own chairs?

A: The festival is all standing and it is not possible to book seats, or to bring any kind of bulky furniture into the arena. VIP tickets do include access to a private seating area. Due to high numbers on site, we do encourage people not to bring chairs into the arena. However, you MAY bring a rug or a small folding camping chair, so you needn’t be on your feet all day. Anything that is deemed too ‘bulky’ will not be allowed into the arena so please consider this before packing (our stewards and security team will ask you to return these items to your cars or to leave them at the entrance).  No chairs or picnic blankets will be allowed within the main stage (circus tent area) directly in front of the outdoor stage or on any marked walkway. We also will ask guests not to cordon-off their own areas, please be mindful of all other guests.  


Q17: Can we bring a wind break or sun tent into the arena?

A: No – as they pose risk to yours and other festival goers’ safety. In an emergency we would need to evacuate the arena as quickly and as safely as possible. Clambering over tents, wind breaks etc would hinder a fast exit and therefore put lives at risk. If you are concerned about protecting yourself from the sun, please make sure you bring plenty of sun cream and hats. We will also have hats and other merchandise on sale at the Merch shop. Please consider this before packing as our stewards and security team will ask you to return these items to your cars or to leave them at the entrance.


Q18: Will there be ATMs / Card Machines at the festival?

A: No, the festival is cash only so please bring cash with you. There will actually be some card machines on site as a backup option, but due to the location of the park and technical difficulties with 4G signal in the past we encourage all customers to bring cash with them. The nearest cash point is on High St, or on Park Crescent, both are approximately 1 mile / 10 minutes walk away from the festival.



Q19: Will there be wheelchair access / disabled facilities?

A: We try to make the festival as accessible as possible to those with special needs. The disabled car park will be the closest car park to the arena, but please note it is still some way (across grass) to the main arena, as dictated by the site. There is an accessibility viewing area in the main arena (big top) just ask a steward to access this area, and there are disabled toilet facilities and changing facilities in the arena. If you have particular needs, get in touch with us in advance. We’ll do our best to help.



Q20: Is there camping / spaces for my campervan on site? 

A: Unfortunately we do not offer camping on site, but there are a number of campsites within a reasonable distance from the festival. Please try:

Fontygary Caravan Park 

 Porthkerry Caravan Park

or Happy Jakes 

or click here for more options.


Q21: Is there other accommodation in the area? 

A: There are a number of B + B's, Guesthouses and hotels within a 5 mile radius of the festival. Click here for more info. 



Q22: I’m interested in being a trader at one of your events. 

A: Please contact us

Q23: I’m interested in catering at one of your events. 

A:  Please contact us

Q24: I’d like to volunteer to help at one of your events. 

We have teamed up with Value in the Vale - https://valueinthevale.com


Value in the Vale offer volunteering opportunities and rewards that can spent all across the local area. You can volunteer at GlastonBARRY and get rewards for your time, or you can volunteer across the vale and be rewarded with GB Juniors tickets. Contact us for more information. 


Friday 28th July 2023

Q25. What is the lineup for GlastonBARRY Juniors? 

Doors open at 1pm - with stalls / rides / games / workshops / tiny tots disco / entertainers and new improved food court on site, the main stage will open at 4pm with our main programme of entertainment beginning then. The event will run until approximately 8.30pm. 





Q26: How do the tickets work for this event? Tickets for this event are either sold individually or as a Family Pass. Purchasing a family pass will give you 4 tickets to the event. PLEASE NOTE a family pass will admit either 2 adults and 2 children or one adult and three children (Anyone Under 18 will be admitted as a child but EVERYONE UNDER 18 must be accompanied by an adult). ID MAY BE REQUIRED. All under 18s on site will be asked to wear a wristband and parents or guardians with children under the age of 10 are asked to write their contact telephone number on the child's wristband. Children under 3 have free entry but will still be asked to wear a wristband on arrival (3 year olds will need to purchase an E-ticket). All tickets purchased from Mack Events will be emailed out to you as E-Tickets - these will either need to redeemed in advance from our ticket collection point, or shown on the front door. (Collecting your wristbands in advance will give you access to the fast lane for entry). 

Q27: Can I bring food or drink? No food or drink is allowed to be brought on site for this event but we do have a new and improved food court for 2023 which will be offering kids meals. There will be a wide range of drinks on offer and a free water refill station on site. (The Security staff do have some discretion in terms of bringing in baby food / bottles etc...) There will be a number of food vendors serving a great variety of food. 

There will be both a licensed bar and a soft drink bar at the festival plus a free water refill station. We will be operating a drinks tokens system as we do at GlastonBARRY festival (please see Question 12) The adult bar will be the same as GlastonBARRY festival (Over 18s only - challenge 25 in operation). The Kids Bar will serve soft drinks only. 

Q28: Can I bring a push chair to this event? Although there are no restrictions on bringing pushchairs to the event, please be aware that the site does take place on grass and we cannot account for the weather, if the weather is bad during or in the the run up to the event, you may find it difficult to manoeuvre your push chair on the grass. 

Q29: Are there disabled facilities? There will be disabled toilets as well as disabled changing facilities on site. We can also offer disabled parking. Please contact us to arrange. If you have a blue badge then please display it at the gate and you will be directed to the disabled parking area. Please contact us for more info. 



Q30. Who do I contact if I have a complaint?  

Noise complaints

For the duration of our festivals we will be working to specific licensing conditions, working closely with environmental health to adhere to those conditions and have noise limiters in place to ensure that we do not exceed those limits. If you have a noise complaint please contact us via our complaints line - 07388200204 and your complaint will be logged and investigated by our health and safety advisor on site.

General complaints 

If something at one of our events has been unsatisfactory we would always like to be made aware of it so that we can rectify it in the future. Please contact us with your concerns and our complaints officer will look into the matter and will endeavour to contact you as soon as possible. 

For any other information or if you have any other questions please contact us. 



Q.31 - When and Where is CITY ROCKS Festival? 

City Rocks will take place at the Tramshed Cardiff - May 18th 2024. Please see below for more info:




Q.32 - Do you offer camping / Is there accommodation nearby? 

No we don't offer camping, this event will take place at the Tramshed in the middle of the city of Cardiff and there are numerous options for public transport (trains / busses and taxis) as well as a number of hotels and guesthouses nearby. Please see links below: 

Cardiff bus timetables

Cardiff train timetables 

Cardiff Accommodation

Cardiff Taxis

Q.33 - Will there be seating? Can we take our own chairs?

A: The festival is mainly standing and it is not possible to book seats, but in the VIP section there will be some seating areas provided. If you have a medical condition and require seating for this event please contact the venue direct in advance. You will not be permitted to bring any kind of furniture into the venue.